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Car Insurance

What does an auto policy cover?

Each insurance company can have its stipulations, limitations, and definitions, but these are some of the terms and coverages you're likely to see. Make sure to refer to YOUR policy as these can vary! These can also vary by zip code, county, etc. 

  • Liability Limits: Bodily injury per person/BI per accident/property damage to other's property

    • Example: 100/300/100

  • Collision: Collision with another vehicle or object and other driving-related damages. Represented by a deductible - usually between $0-2K​

  • Comprehensive: Coverage if stolen or damaged not related to driving. Represented by a deductible - usually between $0-2K

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Covers 80% of all necessary and reasonable medical expenses up to $10K resulting from a covered injury, no matter who caused the crash. 

  • Un/Under-Insured Motorist: Covers the gap if you're in an accident and the other party is either uninsured or underinsured

    • Florida is top 5 in the country for uninsured/underinsured drivers  ​

    • Compensation may be for medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, or wrongful death 

    • Non-stacked = coverage on individual vehicles on the same policy (50K) 

    • Stacked = combined coverage for multiple vehicles on the same policy  

      • Two cars on one policy with $50K of coverage = $100K total coverage 

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