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What does a homeowner's policy cover?

Each insurance company can have its stipulations, limitations, and definitions, but these are some of the terms and coverages you're likely to see. Make sure to refer to YOUR policy as these can vary! These can also vary by zip code, county, etc. Jacksonville, FL "standard" home insurance policies can look different than other markets.

  • Coverage A: The DwellingThis refers to the home itself and usually covers the foundation to the roof. 

  • Coverage B: Other Structures. Coverage for items on the property that are NOT attached to the home or touching the foundation. Fences, sheds, docks, swimming pools with decks that don't connect to the home, etc.

  • Coverage C: Personal Property/Contents. Coverage for items in the home that are not a part of the home. Clothes, furniture, appliances, etc. If you were to pick the house up and shake it, whatever falls out is, generally speaking, part of this coverage.


  • Coverage D: Loss of Use - This coverage helps pay for additional living expenses when a covered loss occurs and you are forced to live elsewhere for a limited time. 

  • Coverage E: Liability. This helps pay for lawsuits filed against you from incidents occurring on your property. 

  • Coverage D: Medical Payments. This helps pay the medical expenses of others (not the insured) for injuries incurred on the insured's property. 

Full VS Limited water coverage

Water coverage is NOT flood coverage. This is coverage for water damage caused by a source in the home such as plumbing, appliances, and equipment failure (water heaters, supply/drain lines, etc.).


In most cases, full water coverage means you are covered up the Coverage A value. Limited water is normally up to $10K of coverage. 

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