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Who is Blue Marlin?

For the past decade, Blue Marlin Insurance has been a team of experienced professionals in the property and casualty insurance industry dedicated to serving our Florida community. We understand the challenges of the current market and offer tailored and personal solutions to help you find the best options for homeowners, auto, boat, commercial, and other property and casualty needs. It is our mission to deliver outstanding customer service and be a resource to you when navigating the turbulent Florida market. 

How we serve our customers

Options: By partnering and maintaining great relationships with 30+ insurance carriers we can provide you with more options and alternatives.  
Efficiency: We leverage a great team, tools, and resources to help quickly.
Expertise: The market, regulations, and carriers are constantly changing so we have to do the same!

Customer service: We are people-focused and care about the individuals we get to serve. Selling a policy is not just a transaction: policies renew and life happens so it's important to work with someone who will be there and call you back! 

How it works

  1. We gather information for quotes: The insurance companies require information to know not only WHAT they are insuring (home, auto, boat, flood, etc.) but WHO they are insuring. 

  2. We shop for you! Instead of spending hours of your time trying to find options and then quote, we handle all of that for you using systems and automation AND serve as a resource for all your questions! 

  3. We handle the paperwork! Whether you need a new policy or you're just shopping for better rates, we make the whole process effortless! 

  4. We get paid by the carriers, NOT you! Companies don't want to have to hire, manage, and operate giant sales and customer service teams, so instead they pay independent agencies like us to fill those roles.

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